About Dance Division

Dance Division Charity is a Dance Organisation providing Dance Services throughout Scotland. We provide and facilitate dance in a range of different ways and have a variety of services and projects we are involved with.

We have been providing our services and expertise from 2008 to a variety of different customers and organisations. Such as Primary Schools, High Schools, Active Schools Programmes, Edinburgh Leisure, Youth Scotland, Youth Projects and Youth Centres, WHALE Arts Agency, and many others.

Dance Division Instructors and Teachers are passionate about teaching dance and we have a great team ready to help with any dance needs or requirements.

  • Registered Charity. Charity No. SC047479

  • Running for over 10 years locally and nationally
  • Accessible for all. Children, young people and adults

  • Experienced in youth work and community projects

  • Comprehensive outreach programme

Dance Division Charity

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Meet The Board

Dance Division Board consists of:


Chair of Board:

Brian Weddell

Member of Board:

Nigel Hetherington

Member of Board:

Laura MacCaig

Member of Board:

Andree Carruthers

Member of Board and Chief Executive

Cat Perry

Organisations we work with:

Active Schools Edinburgh


First Port Scotland

Active Schools Fife

Score Scotland

Princes Trust

Edinburgh City Council

Edinburgh Leisure

Youth Scotland

Funders and Supporters