Dance Division Charity is a charity organisation...

with the purpose of providing dance and fitness services and opportunities to children, young people and adults in Scotland. Dance Division Charity will run a dance and fitness centre to make dance and exercise accessible to all and provide a comprehensive outreach programme and services to a range of organisations, customers and local authorities.

Our Vision...

to make Dance and Fitness accessible to all. We are passionate about dance, fitness and well-being, youth work and community. We believe dance and fitness should be accessible to everyone.

Dance Division Charity

What Do We Do?

Dance Division provide a wide variety of services and opportunities. Our mission is to instill a great love of dance, while inspiring self-confidence, discipline and respect of the performing arts. We provide a solid technical foundation for the developing dancer.

The Charity

To Provide dance and fitness opportunities and activities to all, children and adults.

Community Classes

Programme of Dance Division classes in Edinburgh ran directly by Dance Division Charity

Service Provider

We can come to you. To schools and a variety of organisations, and provide dance teachers for classes.

Dance Camps

Dance Camps ran for children and young people through schools holidays at The Crags Centre Edinburgh.

Introducing Dance Division Staff Members...

Cat Perry


Cat Perry is the founder of Dance Division Charity and founded the organisation in 2009. Cat has ran the organisation since then, taking it through many exciting times and onto new developments and changes throughout the years.

Cat is an experience dance teacher specializing in Commercial Street as well as trained in Ballet, Contemporary, modern and variety of different styles. Cat is an experienced and qualified fitness and aerobic Instructor and Personal Trainer.

Emma Hayes


Emma joined Dance Division, in 2017, as the Coordinator and Senior Dance Teacher. Emma started her training at The Space, in Dundee, furthered her training at Telford College, as a Professional Dance Artist. Emma has worked in Dubai, where she spent many years performing and as Project Manager.

Working and performing throughout the U.A.E, Middle East and the UK for concerts, music videos, product launches, opening ceremonies and corporate events.

Ailsa McInnes


Ailsa started working for Dance Division in August 2017 and was appointed the position of Administrator and Senior Dance Teacher. Ailsa trained at The Space dance school in Dundee. Ailsa soon realised her passion was teaching dance, and after graduating from The Space she began teaching dance clubs at schools and in the community.

She has taught dance to children in America and had the opportunity to work alongside dancers from New York Ballet.


professionally trained Dance Division teaching staff.


schools, venues and organisations that work with us.


engaged or taught students each and every year.


+ engaged students since we were established.